CEO message

Since the company’s foundation, we have always conducted our business by putting ourselves in the shoes of our customers, following our corporate philosophy of providing comfortable residence to our customers and supporting their happy living, and the spirit of “Sanpo yoshi” (benefit for all three parties involved in a business transaction), a management philosophy established by merchants from the Ohmi district. We believe our people are the most important asset to maintain this business philosophy . Through our commitment to strategic human resource development, we have established an organizational climate where the more words of gratitude our customers offer, the more rewarded and encouraged our employees feel. Using this as a foundation, we continue to provide lifestyle-related services to our customers who wish to rent or lease residential properties as a total support provider for people’s living .

On the other hand, against the backdrop of the aging population and growth of the nuclear families, the environment surrounding the rental housing market is presenting various issues, and we are required to satisfy the needs of our customers that are more diversified than ever, including the vacant home problem.

In order to resolve these issues, we have constructed a platform that offers matching services between potential tenants and owners through the integration of IT technologies with our accumulated data and knowhow. It has enabled us to make transparent real estate transactions and provide hospitality and usability to our customers when they rent their homes, the foundation of their living.

Supported by your words of gratitude and smiles, we will continue to strive for the creation of a new living standard that will benefit all our customers and society.

Seigo Miyaji